Pray for thé australian people a gain!!!!!!!!!

I follow day after day thé progression of fires on thé Australian continent since thé start of thé fire departures last November. I am so shocked, bruised in My inner Spirit bu thé way of handling thaïs planetary catastrophe on thé part of thé australian government and thé inaction, thé passivity on thé part of thé western states to react in order to eradicate this devastating plagie which contributes to thé heating. I think it is high time that all thé states of thé world tale their responsability. If nothing is done on thé next five years, thé world ´s population may suffer because of Some lobbyistes who think ont filling their pockets in defiance of others. That’ s why îm sharing five photos this evening that i took during my road trip in Australia last October. The first three were made at Broome , Tom Price near Karadjini park and the golf course at Exmouth. The last two were carried out during a bush fire around lake Argyle shortly before my return to Europe. Finally , as yourself the question of who is responsible for this terrible ecological disaster ? Must we suffer in silence 🤫 from the extravagance of Some rogue or dishonnest industrialists ? For my part the answer is no and i would fight until my last Bretagne of life.

Publié par Sigmund Van Roll

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